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meet dr. aaron christopher

       I feel immensely blessed to be an orthodontist.  My job gives me two incredible opportunities.  It allows me to meet and interact with so many of the amazing people in this community--people I may not otherwise have the privilege of meeting.  It also enables me to impact the lives of these people in such a positive and meaningful way.  I consider the smile to be the greatest tool we have to express our happiness to those around us.  The opportunity I have to perfect a smile for someone else makes me excited to wake up every morning.  I thrive on seeing the transformation as people go from hiding their smiles to sharing them with the world!  


  • Undergraduate degree  California State University, Northridge​

  • Doctorate of Dental Medicine, Harvard School of Dental Medicine

  • ​Master of Science in Dentistry  University of Washington

  • ​Specialty Certificate in Orthodontics  University of Washington​

  • Bilingual

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